About Me, Maxime-Alexandra

My Parents say:

Maxime-Alexandra is a bright, funny, kind-hearted 7-year-old animal lover. From lemonade stands, to cookie sales, to donating her birthday money, she is often thinking of creative ways to help children and animals in need.

The Little Holiday Helper’s Big Book of Christmas Jokes for Kids is her most recent project to raise funds for charity.

Maxime-Alexandra worked very hard on this book, from selecting or writing every joke that went into it, to making every content and design decision.

She lives at home with her adoring parents and beloved pets – her dog, cat, and part-time guinea pigs!

When she is not playing with her pets, Maxime-Alexandra can be found creating art, practicing her violin and piano, taking part in the many sports she enjoys, and having fun with her friends.

She is already making plans for her next book and has invited her friends to be involved, so stay tuned! If you would like to be alerted when her next book is published, please subscribe to her email list.

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