Charities I Love

If you buy a book, part of the money will go to the charities on this page. I chose these charities because I wanted to help kids and animals that need help.

I picked these charities because they help all around the world, and not just in one country.

You can click on each charity to learn more about them on their websites!


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Logo for Red CrossA note from my parents:

Maxime-Alexandra donates a significant portion from the sale of each and every book to the charities listed here.

This list was very challenging to create, as Maxime-Alexandra had several criteria that needed to be met. First and foremost, the charities were required to support children and animals in need. For example, children hurt by war and conflict, children in need of water and food, all kinds of animals in need of help and protection, and helping children and animals when disasters occur.

The second criteria was that each charity was global in scope. As The Big Book of Christmas Jokes for Kids is sold world-wide, she wanted the charities to be those that every buyer/donor could feel connected to.

The third major criteria was that each chosen charity met a standard of responsible governance and fiscal operation.

While no charity is perfect, it is felt that these chosen charities are some of the best in meeting all of Maxime-Alexandra’s requirements. In any case, they do good work, and Maxime-Alexandra is pleased to be supporting them, and hopes you are too!

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